Be Like Bill

Be like Bill is an online platform that allows you to create your own “Be like Bill” Memes. Its really simple and easy to use. It also has an API to create and use Be like Bill memes on your website.

Be like bill

Just go to: and create random meme with your name. If you want to use your own text, use the API.


  • Create be like Bill memes with your name
  • Memes changes with user’s sex
  • Easy to use API for using your own customized version of Be like Bill meme on your website
  • Generate Bill memes and save them to your website. The generated memes will be deleted automaticially after a specified time

Be Like Bill API Guide

Be like bill API allows you to use your own customized version of Be like Bill memes on your website. For using Be like Bill API, you just need to call the API script by providing suitable arguments via POST.

The API script is located at:

If you need to include a random meme to your website just use:

<img src="" />

If you need to include a random meme with your name to your website just use:

<img src="" />

If you need to use your own Be like Bill meme with your own customized text just use the following:

<img src=" is Bill%0D%0ABe Like Bill" />

You must use %0D%0A for newline.

List of options
  • default – Set this to 1 if you need to use the predefined memes
  • name – Set this to your name if you need to use your name on a predefined meme. Works only if default is set to 1
  • text – Use your own text in the meme.
  • sex – To set the gender of the character. Values are ‘f’ or ‘m’. The default is ‘m’


If you are experiencing any bugs feel free to open a new issue here


Feel free to make any changes. We need some more memes to make Be like Bill a lot more awesome. Edit the memelist.php to add more memes. Submit a new pull request with your changes.

  •  Ability to use more characters other than Bill, like Della
  •  Add more memes


Special thanks to these awesome superheroes:

Name Bug/PR
Bhawani Garg Bug:#2 PR:#3
Ankit Jain PR:#5
Rigin Oommen Bug:#6
Kiong PR:#7
Mikael Stenman PR:#10 #11
alien PR:#12
Jophab PR:#13 #14
Esdert Folkers PR:#18


These are some of the awesome projects that use Be-Like-Bill API:



Download the latest source code:

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Project Details

Technologies used: PHP, HTML,javascript
Year: 2016