EduBits is a community powered platform to share knowledge. It is a mobile application which allows the user to search and find the concise definition of anything related to any field he want. Unlike a traditional website or a search engine, the EduBits will only display the minimal information that a user need to know about the search item. It will also display the image of that item, if it is available and also shows the most relevant URL to learn more about the item.

What makes EduBits Different from search engine or dictionary:

The EduBits app will not display unwanted information about the search term. It will only display the exactly tablet sized information that a user need to know about a particular search item. If the user want to learn more. he can also do it via EduBits.

The community

The contents of EduBits application is created by the community of users around the world. If you have knowledge about a particular term, you can add it to EduBits using our mobile app. You can also edit existing EduBits and make it more concise.

It Will be a great use for students, while listening to lectures they can find concise info about the complex terms and get to know more about it. It will also help students to prepare for aptitude tests and other exams.


  1. Topic wise search: All EduBits are categorized into topics
  2. EduBits of the day: Display random Info daily
  3. Intelligent search: Users will not have to worry about the spelling of the search term
  4. Ability to edit EduBits
  5. Ability to add EduBits

Platforms available

  • Android
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10 UWP (For phone and PC)
  • Windows phone 8.1
  • Chrome app


Special thanks to IEEE MadC organizers for giving me an opportunity to develop this app

The source code of this app is published to GitHub

Project Details

Technologies used: HTML, Jquery, Javascript
Platform: Android. UWP, WIndows phone
Year: 2016