Mozilla Kerala organized a 24-hour Firefox OS Hackathon at Government Engineering College, Barton Hill as the part of their Annual Cultural-cum-Technical Fest – Aagneya ’15 on March 21-22, 2015. I was able to join them (Kumaresan CS and Shine Nelson) by the evening.

In a hackathon, we usually meet people who are novice in coding and we have some others who are experts. In this hackathon we were amazed to see that most of the participants was avid coders.



We enjoyed a lot by making pranks and jokes among us. This was one of the most productive hackathons. At the end of the 24-hour hackathon, we had two completed apps. The To-Do App by Shiv S and Blood Bank app by Jayadeep K M and Nisham Mohammed. We guided them with steps to upload their apps to the marketplace and asked Rigin Oommen,(The app curation board member and an awesome MozKian) to do the app reviewing faster.

Both apps were really good and it was really difficult to announce the winner. So we decided that we would announce the final results after discussing with the Mozilla Kerala community.

In the end, Jayadeep K M & Nisham Mohammed for won the first prize in this hackathon. They get a FFOS device. I would also like to mention Shiv For his awesome work, his app was too good and it even put us in a confusion while selecting the best of both apps. The winners were decided based on the community voting.

Kudos to the winners…

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