It was really an awesome day for me…
A rocking event by Mozilla Kerala. I am really happy to be a part of this awesome team. We had almost 50+ participants for this event. Selecting 50 valid new contributors from a list of 100s of registrations was a cumbersome task. The event began by a brief introduction to Mozilla and its open source projects by Kumaresan CS, followed by an introduction on Firefox Club and its activities by Praveen Sridhar.

We decided the group into two teams.
Team 1: Participants who already have a Firefox club in their campus.
Team 2: Participants with no Firefox Club.

The Team 2 was mentored by Kumaresan CS. We taught them, how to contribute to Mozilla and its open source mission. He had also introduced them many new topics like IRC, Mailing lists, Bugzilla etc. We had also mentored them on registering as an FSA and also guided them how to start a new Firefox club and its activities. Most of them were excited by knowing about the endless possibilities offered by Mozilla. They had also promised to conrtibute their best to the Mozilla.

On the other hand Team 1 which was mentored by Praveen Sridhar, discussed about the current community contribution statuses. We had also discussed about improving the community participation and about the new possibilities of a Firefox club. We had also sorted out the best ideas.
I was actually a part of the Team 2. We had a great time together. I was pleased to meet Neethu sajeevan, who talked about a book named Autopilot-“The art and science of doing nothing”!. It was really interesting. I finally managed to read that book 😛
Both groups joined together for a selfie session. The event was concluded with a Group photo session.

Check out the event details:

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