It was really an awesome day. The hackathon was officially inaugurated by Prof.Pramod of VISAT. We began the event by cutting a black forest cake. I met many new awesome guys and girls in this event 😉 . The first session was an introduction on Firefox OS by Abid, the eKuttan of Mozilla Kerala. He introduced the newbies to the endless possibilities of Firefox OS.

Then we gathered for the dinner. I had attended many hackathons, but this was an entirely new experience. We were surprised to hear a loud applause and noise by the hackathon participants of VISAT, who were celebrating each and every moment by singing group songs.

After the dinner we gathered for the icebraking event, Alibaba and forty thieves. It was also yet another awesome experience. Each and every participants enjoyed a lot. We had a group dance together for the famous song “pista”.

Next was the hackathon session. As most of them were novices in web development, we had to teach them everything from the base level. We got many new awesome app ideas from them. The team I mentored won the hackathon. It was Brian Luiz and Jiji Johnson from VISAT. Their idea was “An app for mom to track her children. When a mom calls and the son and if he is not responding, by this app mom will get a privilege to lock her son’s device. On son’s part he will only see an option to call the mom back and an option to call SOS number. He can’t do anything with the device unless the mom unlocks it.”. They were awarded some awesome swag. All the participants were given Mozilla swags.

In my part this was one of the awesome experiences in my life. I really enjoyed a lot. Special thanks to all VISATians for this event….
Eagerly waiting for the next event at VISAT 😀

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