Volunteer with Mozilla!

Mozilla is an awesome community that you can surely contribute your best and bring out the talents in you. You can contribute more or little as you like. Probably if you are a student, you don’t get enough time to contribute. So you can even contribute as little as you can. Each of your contributions makes the web better. So your contributions are most valuable to us.

Where to start?

This is a question that most of the new volunteers and FSAs are asking to us…
I think most of the volunteers begin their contributions by registering as an FSA first. Read more about FSA.

A good place to get stated is www.whatcanidoformozilla.org. This site will help you to find the best contribution opportunities based on your skills.

Mozilla is a large project and we are happy to receive contributors with very different skills.

If you know C++, for instance, you can contribute to the core layers of Firefox, Firefox OS, and other Mozilla products.

*If you know JavaScript or HTML/CSS, you can contribute to the front-end of Firefox, or to Gaia, the application layer of Firefox OS.

*If you know Java, you can contribute to Firefox Mobile and MozStumbler.

*If you know PHP, you can contribute to the Transvision, Marketplace.PHP, and the MediaWiki extension for Bugzilla.

*If you know Python, you can contribute to our web services, including Firefox Sync or Persona.

*If you know Make, shell, Perl, or Python, you can contribute to our build system.

*If you know C, you can contribute to NSS, Opus, and Daala.

*If you know Rust, you can contribute to rustc, or to Servo, a web browser engine designed for parallelism and safety.

*If you know Go, you can contribute to Heka, a tool for data processing.

*If you’d like to get involved in design, support, translation, testing, or other types of of contributions.

There are also many ways to contribute to the Mozilla mission without programming. A lot more opportunities waiting for you. Check them here.

Why Mozilla?

Everyone is asking this question to us. I have only one thing to say, from my experiences. Contributing to Mozilla will be an amazing experience. You can meet many industry experts and awesome community members. You can grow your network with them. You can enrich your knowledge as well as your skills. You can get involved in various community events. Their are a lot more perks as a Mozillian. Our community will not hesitate to recognize your contributions, you can earn amazing swags for your valuable contributions. I am sure that you will love your experiences as a Mozillian. I am loving it Why didn’t you?

So What are you waiting for?!
Bring out the Mozillian in You…

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